subdomain email accounts


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Feb 6, 2002
DNS. All subdomain that exists on my server (subdomain of all
accounts) cannot get any email.
New subdomain get this issue to. Try to create any subdoman with CP and
mail to it:
I have created sudomain
So I sent email to it and email cannot be received.

I receieved next mail from MAILER-DEAMON:

&Failed to deliver to '[email protected]'
SMTP module(domain reports:
host says:
550 relaying to &[email protected]& prohibited by administrator&

Also I have look into the exim log and it report next:
&2002-01-16 09:41:41 16QrG1-0000R9-00 remote host address is the local
2002-01-16 09:41:41 16QrG1-0000R9-00 == [email protected]
R=lookuphost defer (-1): remote host address is the local host
2002-01-16 09:41:41 16QrG1-0000R9-00 Frozen
2002-01-16 09:41:41 16QrG1-0000RB-00 &= [email protected] U=root
P=local S=436&

P.S: THIS IS FIXED after adding subdomain line to the /etc/localdomains

This is should be the work of CPANEL?

Thank you