Subdomain Error Pages - Detailed problem


Nov 22, 2005
Ok, I've searched the forums and a few people have have this problem and there was never any real solution.

I have some subdomains that I'm password protecting. As you know, the subdomains are run off of folders with the same name on the domain.

Well, my link: - well, the error page doesn't work but - the error pages DO work

There is something keeping the subdomain for reading the info that the folder reads, OR the cPanel doesn't save the right info to the .htpaccess file

This is what is in the .htaccess file:

AuthType Basic

AuthName "Arachnos - Unknown"

AuthUserFile "/home/arach/.htpasswds/unknown/passwd"

require valid-user

Now, I see that it has the unknown folder listed, but what in cPanel causes the subdomain to read the same info that the folder does?

Now, will someone from the cPanel staff look into this because this has been an ongoing problem for a couple of years now?

Thanks in advance
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