Subdomain not resolving (WHM Noob)


Dec 9, 2013
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I had an account with Lunarpages, that only had cpanel access, not WHM.
i had a domain on 123reg, pointed it to lunapages servers, it appeard in my domain list in cPanel, went to subdomain. Created a subdomain, put a random index.html file in that subdomain location, went to a browser and it was there. Instantly it worked. all is fine.

I bought a new dedicated server hosting, pointed the domain to their nameservers. (same as i did with lunarpages)

But my company has just bought a new unmanaged dedicated server with WHM+cPanel
i don't know alot about WHM, but ive managed to setup a user with my desired domain (
i then go into the cPanel and the default domain is (which is what i wanted)
if i put a index.html file in the public_html document root, and visit, it works!

now, if i wanted a subdomain, say
create it in cPanel, with the document root of public_html/test
put a random index.html file in that folder.

go to a browser, "" and it fails to find, won't resolve.

Why can this be, with lunarpages, all subdomains were instant and worked fine, with a new hosting company that have granted me WHM access, it doesn't.

I have around 100 subdomains that will (and did) work with lunarpages, but wont with the new hosting company.

Now, im a bit of a WHM noob, i know a bit, but not alot. Is there a setting im missing for subdomains??

I've checked and it automatically is adding an "A" entry with my IP in the DNS list for every subdomain, which i assume is correct, but why dont they resolve? yet with lunapages it was INSTANT.

also, my hosting is unmanaged, and they provide very very little support with WHM, cPanel (they want an extra £75 pcm to sort this out) >.<


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

Have you checked to ensure your domain name uses name servers associated with the IP addresses added to your cPanel server? Have you created the name servers at the domain registrar so you can assign them to the domain name?

Thank you.