Subdomain restore missing open_basedir


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Aug 10, 2002
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There appears to be a bug in cPanel account restore function.

If a server has open_basedir protection enabled, then when an account is restored from a backup, the subdomains for that account do not include the open_basedir lines in the VirtualHost entry for the subdomains.

For example, if you have the domain, and it has a subdomain, And if you have open_basedir protection enabled on the server. If that account is restored from its backup, the VirtualHost for will be correct, it will have the open_basedir protection lines. However, the VirtualHost for will not have the open_basedir protection lines.

I have tested this on Release-16448. The same behavior can be seen whether you use the command line /scripts/restorepkg or if you restore an account from a backup in the WHM.

I have posted this in Bugzilla