Subdomain stats (awstats & webalizer) not updating


Jan 31, 2005
For over a month now awstats is not generating statistics for subdomains. I have an account called diecastw, which has two separate subdomains - dac and w900. When awstats executes every night, the root domain stats are updated, however the dac and w900 logs are cleared/reset, but awstats doesn't reflect the correct traffic. We've removed /home/diecastw/tmp/awstats/* in an attempt to have the config files re-created, however this did not work. We've set the system to create logs every hour so we can reproduce this each and every hour. All other domains on the server have stats being produced normally, no other account on the system has subdomains.

As a test we enabled webalizer for the two subdomains. Again the system is
processing the logs hourly. While the logs are being reset hourly, and we can see the
webalizer and process running, there are NO updates when you load the
stats page (webalizer OR awstats).

However, if we initiate a stats update from WHM. Awstats does get updated, but
the lastline error as metioned above appears. After a stats update from WHM,
webalizer does NOT get updated.

Any ideas? I'd hate to have to blow away the account, and recreate it. There is too much to re-create..