Subdomains not fully deleted?


Sep 1, 2002
Whenever I create a subdomain and delete it, the folder name of the subdomain still remains on the root directory. I have to usually manually delete it since it is not done automatically. Is this normal?

Also, how does the &add domain name& function work? I looked at the apache config files and it seems like all it is adding is a virtual host entry instead of the actual domain itself.

Last but not least, how do I make subdomains point to an IP? Is it a feature of the cPANEL control panel or do I need to do it manually?

Thanks in advance!
Oct 8, 2002
hiya, im rather new to web host manager but i understand dns etc.

When removing subdomains it is normal that the directory is removed. For add-ing on domains it does create a sub directory, the rest is done on the dns side of things, which is why to add-on a domain it must be on the same nameserver.

To point subdomains to an ip you would probably have to use the dns setup in web host manager, as cpanel cannot do it (a future feature? :P)

So basically if you dont have access to web host manager you cant point subdomains to ips, unless u &redirect& it to it.

As i said, im new, this may not be the best knowledge ever to have been posted, but i tried :)