Subdomains not resolving (managing my own DNS)


Apr 8, 2011
My apologies for making so many threads - this (I hope) should be the last of them, but please don't hold me to that.

I do my own DNS, and my nameservers appear to be working. I can hit my sites, ping my predefined subdomains (, etc) and email is working. I created a new subdomain, however it's not resolving a couple of hours later.

In cPanel's DNS, I see the A record listed for it, however I can't ping it. With my old Plesk setup (I've always managed my own DNS), they were available pretty much immediately, and I assume that's because the nameserver should look at MY server to resolve the subdomain.

Am I incorrect, or do I just need to be a bit more patient?


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Oct 2, 2010
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If your nameservers are properly configured and pointing to your machine, then subdomains should resolve almost immediately upon being added. If they are not, you would want to see if running "rndc reload" in command line causes the subdomain to work. If it does, then there's something not running a reload on named during zone creation.

As a first step, try to restart named in WHM. After doing that, if you create a new subdomain and it doesn't work still, then please open up a ticket with us to check the various settings for your nameservers and the domain(s).