Suddenly cPanel is load sensitive in a big way.


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Mar 13, 2004
WHM 10.8.0 cPanel 10.8.1-R30
RedHat Enterprise 3 i686 - WHM X v3.1.0

Since the most recent upgrade to the above, most of our cPanel servers are very load-intollerant. Just some of the examples we have noted:

-- The account transfer function (via WHM) errors every time with a fatal timeout when the server at the other end goes way up to a load of 26 or more, from a very low load before the transfer is triggered. (We can no longer use this method for transfering accounts from server to server.)

-- If a few users run their mail lists in the morning, the load goes up beyond 70+ then usually the server locks up/crashes.

-- Backing up to another server via FTP times out and the process stops, as the load is continuously too high for many hours for the backup process to continue. (We have gone back to proFTP which seems to help.)

-- Windoz virus attacks via http, that never used to bother the load much before, are now sending the load way up, and sometimes crashing the server as a result.

-- We are very often catching MySQL processes that are left running for 100+ hours, which have to be killed using the -9 option.

All this has the most negative impact with our older single processor servers, but we have noted some effects leading to very sluggish performance as well as some freezes on occasion with our dual Pentiums as well.

I know the above descriptions seem very nebulous, as they do to us. It is very hard to put one's finger on something here which could be a root cause. Nevertheless when looking at the broader picture this behavior is HIGHLY unusual, especially when compared to how our cPanel servers have been running for years before this most recent update. Before our cPanel servers seemed strong and very reliable, rarely going down, almost never seeing (even spike) loads into double digit territory. But now, the servers seem weak, shaky and unreliable. Just the number of requested hardware reboots that we have had to do have gone up 1000% in recent weeks.

I only hope that the cPanel crew can get their software back to the streamlined nature that it once was or we will have to dump and run soon before losing any more business when our frustrated users go elsewhere (as they have started to do, which prompted this post.)

Again, I am trying very hard to brush away the thought that it may be time to switch to another system, but this is getting extremely tough to cope with. Life is too short to have to sit here and babysite the loads on multiple servers around-the-clock.
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Jun 25, 2005
I think at least a few of these can be chalked up to:




I have seen each of these processes bring a dual 2.8Ghz server with HT and at least 4G of RAM not quite to its knees, but well on its way.