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Aug 12, 2001
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I have few questions. First my apache does not have support for suexec. And i download
buildapache.sea and recompile apache.
Everything was OK. I change few permissin on cgi\'s that my users are using and all works.
BUT sys-cgi dir does not work and that is Ok
becouse suexec check UID & GID of user that run\'s apache and if user mark run\'s some scriptu he must own dir in wich is that script and ofcourse script must have mark uid & gid
but scripts in /usr/local/cpanel/cgi-sys have uid of root and cpanel user and gid\'s.

And webalizer does not work if suexec is enabled. Can somebody tell me few answers.
First: if i put cgi scripts in scgi-bin dir they works in most of the cases BUT what with php scripts. If some user have php script that needs to write to some file that file will have uid & gid of www-data(user that run\'s apache).
If they put cgi\'s int cgi-bin dir same thing like with php scripts.
What is right way to make all that works (php files are created with user that owns script, cgi\'s runs normal and also create file that are owned by user who run script.