Suggestion / Advice required !!


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Jul 27, 2002
Hello Everyone,

I am in a dilemma and since i could not reach to a conclusion, I thought why not ask the members of the forum for a suggestion.

I have been associated with the web hosting industry for almost a decade and most part of my experience was running my own hosting company using cPanel.

Last year due to family and financial reasons i had to close down. Since all these years i was running my own show and i was not an employed in any organization, hence i cannot find my self a job :(

I am currently out of my financial issues and family is stable, the family is suggesting me to start over again, but i am vary of taking a leap :( . I think the industry has changed in the last 1 year and the SHARED HOSTING business competition has gotten even severe.

If anybody on board could suggest/advice me as if the business is still viable and do customers still opt for shared hosting ? and what lies ahead in the next decade, besides VPS

Any advice and suggestions would be highly appreciated and I appreciate you reading my query Thank you for your time !

Best regards,