Suggestions for Managed DNS services


Oct 23, 2002
Hello all,

I'm looking for some recommendations on managed DNS services. I'm currently using BIND which came with WHM panel but find this inadequate for my goals in the future. I would like to replace this 'single server does all' solution with a more redundant multiple location DNS solution. This would allow for additional webservers that would all rely on an off network Nameserver/DNS and hopefully more responsive DNS since its off network. Additionally, this gives me the advantage of strategically located geo-locations for DNS, or at least thats what I think and I guess it would all be based on the vendor providing the DNS services. Any feedback on this of course is welcome. I would like to hear how some of the others are handling this type of scenario.

I have come across one promising service provider, World Wide DNS, but would like feedback from anyone who has used this company or is familiar with this company -

The price is right at World Wide DNS, no charge for bandwidth (at least none that I saw), just a flat yearly fee for a set number of zones. This is basically what I want to spend on a cost per domain hosted basis (nuttin' but love for my clients), so if the recommendations could please stay in this price range of .20¢ to .30¢/per client per month . I have seen very expensive solutions that are just beyond my reach at this time, so keep those recommendations on the lower side please.

In a nut shell,
- I want to offer redundant offsite DNS for my clients
- What is the best way for me to manage this through WHM
- And what are the names of some good low cost providers?

Additional solutions or advice is welcome.

Thanks in advance,


Nov 20, 2002
Try using Bind and CVS....

Hi using BIND you can maintain all your zones, and with CVS you can track any change that you made to the DNS zones. Also you can replicate your DNS to other DNS's touught CVS.