Dec 28, 2020
Boston, MA, USA
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I just set up DDNS for the first time. I am very pleased this is built in and it was relatively simple to set up. I humbly suggest the following additions to the docs:

New "About webcalls" section.

Your device (i.e. router) will need to make a get request to the webcall URL using basic auth with your cPanel credentials. The configuration of this varies by device. No query parameters are needed. (Note: I'm actually still a little fuzzy on the exact requirements - is it in fact GET or are other methods sufficient, etc) If you get a 404 and are just a cPanel user that cannot troubleshoot the server's ProxyPass configuration, then simply connect to the webcall on port 2082. For example, if your router requires a custom script, the contents could be
curl --user user:pass http:://hostname/cpanelwebcall/ztkophashhere