SOLVED suPHP + Custom php.ini in EA4


Jul 4, 2014
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Hi all.

Can someone help me understand the *expected* differences between a legacy EasyApahce3/suPHP/PHP Selector environment vs a EasyApache4/suPHP/MultiPHP environment?

Specifically, customers could previously set custom PHP values via PHP Selector OR create a php.ini file containing only the values they wished to modify and set the suPHP path in a htaccess.

Now it seems customers can create a custom php.ini (Either via the interface or manually), and this should be observed in the specific directory, or if they want to apply it to the entire account manually set the path via htaccess, however the user must include all configuration, not just the values they want to change?

I'm also finding that a custom php.ini is not observed at all unless the suPHP path is set, however the KB seems to be a bit ambiguous as to if this should actually work or not?

Unless I'm missing something, the new process seems convoluted?