Aug 10, 2003
Excuse me for the long winded post that will follow.

(History)I am a network admin for a small non profit company. We currently have a redhat intranet webserver behind our firewall and it a generic out of the box installation running a simple website on mysql. My knowledge is very basic when it comes to linux. I can do the config and get it running, but I know little to nothing about linux or how to secure a linux box. Since this server is behind my firewall with no open ports to the web I do not worry much about it.

(current info) I purchased Suse Ent 9 for use on an internet webserver. This server needs to be a stripped down webserver running Cpanel and Fantastico. I have purchased both products already. I have installed Suse9 with the gui and a generic configuration. It is my understanding that I should not install the xwindows interface and I should also only install specific rpm's. I do not know what I need to do to make sure that my new server is secure and protected. I am also not familiar with how to configure SSH or any other remote console utilities.

(What I am looking for) Since this is a cpanel forum I figured I might be able to find a link to a tutorial for setting up a Suse Ent 9 webserver for stability, reliability, and security (with cPanel) but when I searched I found nothing but advertisements for 3rd party management companies. I realize that this question pertains primarily to Novell, but I had hoped that someone on these forums might have a good link to information that might help me. I have spoken to Novell already and they are helpfull, but I am concerned that If I follow their guidelines for installing a secure webserver that it might interfere with cPanel's installation and configuration.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.