suspended page on reseller account


May 12, 2006
I wonder if there is any option for me, I host a site on a reseller account, I have been unable to contact the seller, currently I am getting a suspended-[age on my account, I am unable to login into it either via ftp, or view my site, as stated all I see is the suspended-page, and I have been unable to contact the administrator, I do not have access to admin account, I just have an account on the admin's reseller's account, I do recall that I was getting quite a lot of spam that took my disk space on cpanel above the allocated quota, ( I am wondering if this could have automatically caused my account to be suspended, I did get an email that I had exceeded the quota, but before I could login to delete the spam emails, my account was suspended) if there is any other option to get my account reinstated as I have been unable to get in contact with the admin, I would be extremely grateful


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Mar 6, 2003
chown -R us.*yourbase*
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Sites dont usually get suspended for overages in disk space. Perhaps transfer but it would say that your site exceeded the bandwidth for the month, in most cases.

Likely what happened is your reseller did not pay their bills and subsequently all of their sites got suspended by whoever owns the server. Thats my guess as to why you cannot contact your reseller.

Chances of getting it unsuspended are slim, perhaps you can figure out who the server owner is and ask them to host your site directly if they find it is a billing problem with your reseller.