Swap Used? & email issues


Apr 1, 2005
left/central coast CA
My Service status is showing Swap Used 17600.0% and a red warning alert.

What does this mean?

In what I assume is a seperate issue, I am having difficulty getting the email server to recognize my P/W from my email client and am unable to access email via my email client but *am* able to use the same P/W and get my email directly from the server, (ie through Squirrel Mail.) This has been a recurring intermittent problem and in the past has cleared up after I quit my email client and log back in but that;s not working this time around.

I've been using mail.mydomain_com for my incoming server address which has worked. (I use pop.mydomain for my IP mail server). The IP mail works fine but my accounts connected to my website server's aren't. The websites that the email addresses are associated with are up and resolving.

A side issue, (and one I, still, haven't figured out), is that the default email address shows up w/ the user name and to get the address that I want, ie info@, I have been using secondary accounts. To make these secondary info@mydomain email addresses work w/ my client, I have been setting my email client preferences w/ the full email address as the user name and not the, actual, user name for the account, (which also shows as the default email that shows in "Squirrel Mail.) How do I clear the default email w/ user name and reset it to the info@ address?

I hope my explanation makes sense and isn't confusing. Tx
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