Switch Primary Domain to existing addon/parked domain


Jul 14, 2013
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My main domain is example.com, so every time I add a new site, it can of course be found at newsite.com as well as newsite.example.com. I have about 6-7 websites that resolve to (website name here).example.com. One of those website (wt.com and wt.example.com), I would like to have become the main website. Essentially, I need all of my sites to be subdirectories of wt.com (so example.com would become example.wt.com, as well as all the other ones).

What exactly do I need to do? I read something here (https://forums.cpanel.net/f34/primary-domain-change-288252.html)that said

"If the subdomain does not already exist on the machine, then you can use WHM > Account Functions > Modify an Account to change the main domain name to any domain whether it is a real domain or not, whether it's a subdomain or not. Again, the only caveat is that the domain or subdomain cannot already exist on the machine (in httpd.conf for Apache nor in /var/named as a DNS zone file)."

Since it DOES exist as a subdomain and addon/parked domain, what steps do I need to do to ensure that I don't lose any data in the migration? I don't host any emails, but I am concerned about databases and files.


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

There are no native tools that will automatically convert an addon domain name to it's own account. However, the following forum thread includes user-submitted information on to complete this manually:

Moving addon domain name to it's own account

Also, feel free to add your input to the existing feature request:

Tool to migrate addon domain name to it's own account

Note that in this case, since you are keeping it on the same account, you can just copy over the website data to the public_html directory via FTP or File Manager.

Thank you.