Switching CPanel licensing from one to another seller


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Jan 25, 2003
New York
So I have been getting a month-to-month license for Cpanel on one of my boxes and recently I found I can get it for about $25 less somewhere else. $25 bucks a month is $300 a year so I would like to switch.

Right now each month one company bills me for $xx and my license continues to work. I would like to switch to another license seller but I am afraid if I cancel the license from the one and go to the other, something will break and I wont have Cpanel/WHM for a couple days.

Anyone ever do this ?. Whats the procedure ?. If I just walk away from one and go with the other does everything work fine or do I have to cancel one first so the new license provider can "register" my license with Cpanel people so it can work.

Thanks for any info.


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Jun 15, 2002
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Simplest would be to get the 15day free trial license setup with cPanel so that you're not left without one while you change over. If you contact cPanel directly they should be able to give you advice on the change over.