Switching from proftp to pure-ftp (problem with)


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Jan 22, 2005
I've recently starting using a WHM/Cpanel server and only just noticed that its using proftp and I'd rather be using pure-ftp.

In WHM > Service Configuration > FTP Configuration I notice I can change from pro to pure.

However when I click the "Switch to Pure-ftpd" button nothing much happens. I'm using NS 7.2 and it clearly looks like Netscape is trying to load something, but nothing appears to happen.

Its currently trying at the moment and has been doing so for about 10 mins to no avail. This is the third time I've tried and being new to this I don't know what I should do.

Is there a way to do this manually (i.e. by running one of the scripts in /scripts) instead of through WHM? Maybe that would do the trick.

I've also tried it with and without APF running and this makes no difference.

I'm using version 10.0..0-R7 if that helps at all.

Any suggestions?