Switching main domain for resold acct


Nov 21, 2007
Hey guys,

Just curious. For some reason, I remember reading somewhere that with the new cPanel/WHM there was going to be an easy way to configure the main domain of a reseller account.

For example, I have domainA.com as the main domain and i have domainB.com as a resold domain. One of my clients wants domainB.com to now be the main domain with all of the resold accounts under it (and domainA will then be a resold account).

Previously, and quite possibly now too, the client would have to first backup the files for both accounts and then delete the current resold domain. Once that was done and there was no instance of domainB in the httpd.conf, we could then make domainB the main domain and the client could then re-add domainA as the resold domain. Once that was done the files could be re-uploaded. Also, because you can change the username of a main reseller domainB will retain the old domainA's username.

Is there now an easier way to make the swap and have all the ownerships of the resold domains placed under a new domain???


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Nov 29, 2006
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It appears that you're not so much changing domains as swapping which account is the reseller vs. which is the account the reseller owns (resold domain as you put it).

In that case, you can remove the reseller privileges from the existing reseller domain (just pay attention that you are only removing reseller privileges, not terminating the account). At this point, the accounts should default to being owned by root. Then add reseller privileges to the account that should be the reseller.

To change the reseller for an account in bulk, go to WHM -> Resellers -> Reseller Center and at the bottom of the screen from the drop-down box, select who the new owner should be. Then click on Change Ownership of Multiple Accounts and in the screen that appears, check the accounts that should now be owned by that user.