Synced emails form an old server and emails order is messed up in inbox and even in webmail clients


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Aug 6, 2019
Johannesburg , South Africa
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Hi all,
I had 100+ domains with old emails on SmarterMail (windows server) and I needed to sync these email accounts (IMAP sync with lamiral).
Now I get the clients complaining that the order of emails are not in consecutive order and especially on Mac devices option show latest firs does nothing.
I tried with a few clients reinstalling the emails but it comes back in wrong order. First shows 2017 then 2018 then few emails from today then 2019 then at the end more emails from today and this week.
Also I checked on webmail and sorted the emails I like (as usual) but the order is still wrong.
What determines the email order in this case?
Is it maybe because some old emails have an old domain name that is higher alphabetically than the current server?
How could I fix this?


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Nov 14, 2017
My assumption is that you'd need to sync them correctly (i.e., use a tool that does the sync properly) I know nothing of the tool you used or smarter mail so I'd suggest contacting the folks who created the imapsync tool