Syntax Error: usage: unsuspendacct


Apr 30, 2008
Hi there,

I'm a new and inexperienced user of cPanel/WHM and am currently having a problem unsuspending an account. I only suspended it as I thought it a quick way to stop users access my sole site on the dedicated server I have.

However when I try and unsuspend the account (using the WHM GUI) I get the below:

Unsuspension of

Syntax Error: usage: unsuspendacct
Occasionally if I go back into the function, some messages are output that indicate the account has been unsuspended (although I can't recreate this right now) but the account still seems to be suspended and my site remains inaccessible.

Versions are: WHM 11.15.0 cPanel 11.18.4-R23868
FEDORA 8 i686 on standard - WHM X v3.1.0

Any clues, from you fine folk?

Very much appreciated!


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Sep 11, 2002
I'm getting this as well. I have used the suspend/unsuspend feature frequently over the past few years with no issues until today.

WHM 11.15.0 cPanel 11.18.6-S24255
REDHAT Enterprise 3 - WHM X v3.1.0

I was able to shell in and /scripts/unsuspendacct <user>, and the process completed properly. Perhaps there is an error in the skin, not sure. But if you have trouble via WHM try doing it manually.
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