Sep 23, 2016
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Website Owner
I'm trying to use an include which will bring up a file which has the account owner as part of the file name. ie - if the account is owned by root, then it would bring up /tables/root-support.html If it were owned by joe, then it would grab /tables/joe-support.html

I did something similar to give resellers their own logo based on the owner variable, and that has worked fine. Now I want to add a custom table for support links... online payments, support center, account upgrades, etc -- all things which the reseller would generally have on his own website, but which would ideally be linked from in CPanel as well.

So I tried this... (replace hard brackets [ and ] with appropriate & and & of course)

[cpanel include=&tables/[cpanel print=&$CPDATA{'OWNER'}&]-support.html&]

It fails because it sees the second set of quotes and closes the include, and then displays something like &root-support.html& as text on the screen. I assume it wasn't happy with a cpanel link being embedded in another one. So I also tried several variations of this...
[cpanel include=&tables/$CPDATA{'OWNER'}-support.html&]

Also no luck.

FWIW, if anyone is curious about my syntax for the logo display, the above should be a good hint... but here's what I used:
[cpanel print=&$CPDATA{'OWNER'}&]-cp.gif&]

Any help would be appreciated!


Staff member
Apr 11, 2011

We might be able to offer an alternative solution. Could you provide us with some more information on the specific steps you have taken thus far, and perhaps a screenshot showing an example of what you are attempting to configure? This will allow us to follow the same steps when attempting to reproduce the issue. Ensure to use CODE tags when necessary.