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Apr 11, 2003

My reasoning is that if I was to start a transfer that took more than a couple of minutes, it's likely I might forget to come back and turn it back on, or I might not be able to get to it upon completion of the transfer (say it ends in the middle of the night).

That could cause issues if another user on the server made a DNS change. I can live with a short disconnection but forgetting it and dealing with a weird DNS support thing a couple of days later could be an issue.


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Oct 19, 2014
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I went ahead and created two improvement cases with our development team. One is to get a warning in the Transfer Tool that lets the admin know the Destination machine is connected to a DNS Cluster. The second is to explore the possibility of disabling the DNS Cluster connection while the transfer is running, but that will need some investigation as if we just sever the DNS Cluster connection it would cause DNS for all other domains not being transferred to stop working.

Since these are new features/improvements that we'd be adding, I don't have any type of timeframe as to when we might have something. If I do hear something I will try my best to update this post with the details.
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