tcp on port 53 for dns - security/firewall questions


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Oct 8, 2006
Setting up a new server... I was checking dns using and noticed that my nameserver do not respond to tcp. I did a little research and came across this article and some others and would like to go ahead and enable this.

Background info : This is a vpc setup whereas I have always used a dedicated in the past. At my registrar I have registered my private nameservers with the domain and everything is working fine.

With that said, I looked at my iptables config and both tcp and udp on port 53 are allowed by default with whm/cpanel. All good there.

My edge device, however, is not allowing tcp. I have these firewall rules in place at the moment :
outbound dns internal:any > any:53 udp
inbound dns1 any:any > (ip of nameserver1):53 udp
inbound dns2 any:any > (ip of nameserver2):53 udp

My question is... what is the correct AND secure way to allow tcp here? From the reading I did it appears that tcp on port 53 is a security risk because hackers can perform zone transfers and map out information which they should probably not be allowed (still a little unclear exactly how that works) - which is why tcp is usually blocked by most people, however, it is now starting to be used for things like dnssec, ipv6, etc and should be opened. So, with that said, is there a secure way to allow this and if so what are the firewall rules in this case that need applied?

Any help/information from someone knowledgeable about this would be great.