Temp Solution for: Urchin through Admin and Cpanel Accounts


May 4, 2004

After a longtime messing around with "zero hits" from the admin for Urchin on port 9999 and having to access each site individually through cPanel which is a pain in the @#[email protected]#[email protected]#! when I want an overview of "All profiles" traffic ... after alot of playing with Urchin and having read just about everything posted about Urchin on cPanel, EV1 and Urchin sites I think I have found a solution!

It is not a good solution but maybe someone can write a script (my Linux scripting sucks ) to automate this through a cron job after Urchin Sceduler or cPanellogd runs the stats. Or maybe Urchin can fix this themselves !!!

So the solution is pretty basic but it seems that Urchin copies the reports it compiles to the /<homedir>/<username>/tmp/urchin/data/reports/ when it runs the stats for each profile. When you enter the admin section for Urchin on port 9999 then Urchin is looking for the profile reports from the directory /usr/local/urchin/data/reports/<domainname> but as the have been moved to the other directory then they can only be seen and accessed through cPanel on 2082 etc for each domain and the Admin screen shows "All Zeros" for each profile.

I manually fixed this by creating a file that basically does this with each of my profiles - the problem being that as I add profiles I have to manually update this file ... the command is simply this:

cp -r /home2/allandfr/tmp/urchin/data/reports/* /usr/local/urchin/data/reports/

IMHO it is a pretty easy solution for Urchin to fix this just by "copying" the files instead of just moving them after the stats have been run. 

Hope this helps some people 

Alistair Wilson