Thanks cPanel, Your copy Account has been lifesaver


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Jul 12, 2005
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had some major issue on one server and instead of reload i opted for migration, was only worried about 2 accounts 10GB and one near 8GB, and to my surprise, copy multiple account from WHM worked like a dream

10Gigs copied without a single error and customer didn't even noticed it until he read the mailer for IP change.
In all moved 89GB's smoothly with only 3 DB errors, which was due to corrupt table not a cpanel fault at all.

I must say cpanel team has done a great job in fine tuning all these years, i remember few years back it was a mess to copy a account larger then 350mb and i had nightmares in moving large sites.

I am so blessed to be a tiny cpanel based host. :D

keep up the good work


cPanel (Administrators)
Mar 5, 2010
Houston, TX


We're very excited that you're pleased about our software. Our development team is consistently making progress and always working to make our software better and easier for our customers to use!

Thanks !!