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Nov 7, 2003
Williamsburg, VA
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I've recently noticed a few tweaks that are nice -- one in the Copy Account From Another Server module...

The ability to change the username for the new server is **GREAT**. The entire interface is tons better - it's *very* useful.

I've noticed a few other things in the past few days, but nothing I can recall specifically to post -- it was that feature that caused me to have to come post, but there have been several little enhancements.

I still keep trying to find the time to write my own theme, to further tweak some things (like putting an 'add new forwarder' form on the list of forwarders, to make it easier to add multiple ones with fewer pageloads) -- there's a lot I'd love to tweak, but I'm happy to see the things I've seen. :)

I pay money for cPanel, so in one sense, this is to be "expected", I guess -- and there have been annoyances over the years of use. But I believe overall that cPanel does an excellent job -- nobody's perfect, and keeping on top of all the things they keep on top of is impressive.

My hat is off to the entire company. :)