The cPanel & WHM update a few hours ago broke shopping cart which is a .cgi script..


Jan 18, 2014
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Hi Y'all,

My server was just auto-updated at noon Pacific today (about 5 hours ago as I write this)..

I got this email notification from the server..

A new app has been registered with AppConfig.

Name: modsec
Service: whostmgr
ACLS required: any
System User: root
URL(s): /cgi/addon_modsec.cgi
Display Name: Mod Security
Entry URL: addon_modsec.cgi

You can view all current registered apps here: Apps Managed by AppConfig

.. everything worked fine before I received that email..

.. after I received that email.. my shopping cart doesn't work anymore.. it's a .cgi script..

.. all I get now is "Internal Server Error 500"..

.. a similar issue happened a couple of years ago after a cPanel/WHM update but, I fixed it by rolling back to the previous version of cPanel/WHM..

.. this time.. there is no earlier version to roll back to listed in my WHM interface..

.. how do I fix this or, how do I "undo" the cPanel/WHM update that just happened today?

Thanks for any advice.


Mar 25, 2011
the message that you had on your email was trying to told you, that you had mod security (/ installed on your server.
in that case, you can turn it off by build new apache from easy apache and uncheck mod security module. or your can installed ModSecurity Control from csf to control how the mod security running on some domain and also for whole of your server.
hope that help


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

I recommend reviewing the Apache error log (/usr/local/apache/logs/error_log) when you see the 500 internal server error message in order to determine the exact cause of that message. You can paste the specific error that you see in the error log to this thread so we can help troubleshoot the cause.

Thank you.