SOLVED The newly created emails have a different folder system


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Aug 6, 2019
Johannesburg , South Africa
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Hi all,
I just realized now that new folder system for mails is totally different than the one I know for cPanel.
I am trying to upload manually several emails to a single email account (no migration, just a dozen single emails upload) but looking through new email accounts I realize I can't find the mails.
The folder for cur is gone. The path used to look like: mail/
Now the folders look like: mail/
and they are all empty despise that there are emails in that inbox.
Where are the actual email files now?


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello @Jeromero,

It's likely the mailbox format was updated from maildir to mdbox. You can read more about the mailbox formats on the document below:

Note that with the mdbox format, you can't restore individual emails from a backup with maildir formatted emails. You'd have to first convert the mailbox back to maildir in order to do that.

Note there's a feature request open for what you are seeking at:

Thank you.