The security token is missing from your request - Keeps redirecting back

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Feb 10, 2020
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Yesterday one of the servers at our datacenter which has cPanel/WHM installed had a network card blow out so we had to migrate to a new server.
Since then users are always getting the:
The security token is missing from your request.
The error which doesn't accrue on WHM the only cPanel. Yet I read online to clear browser cookies but It seems that the issue is server-wide not only myself.

Even when reentering the cPanel password it directs to the cpanel url with a token in, then before anything shows go straight back to the login screen, and does it constantly completely disabling cPanel access.
Does anyone have any ideas on a fix? It has stopped many clients being able to log in.

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Nov 14, 2017
This is definitely most commonly a caching issue, if your clients clear their browsers cache it shouldn't persist. You may for a brief time want to set WHM>>Server Configuration>>Tweak Settings -> Cookie IP Validation to loose or temporarily disable it

Validate the IP addresses used in all cookie-based logins. This will limit the ability of attackers who capture cPanel session cookies to use them in an exploit of the cPanel or WebHost Manager interfaces. For this setting to have maximum effectiveness, proxydomains should also be disabled. Strict validation requires the current IP address and the cookie IP address to exactly match. Loose validation only requires they are in the same /24.