The server can not find the requested page

Dec 6, 2018
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Hi Guys,

This is my first post to this forum … please be kind!

I have an ongoing issue that my host isn’t able/or doesn’t know how to correct.

I have a script that creates barcoded sticker labels. The barcodes are created as .png files and saved to a folder as the sticker sheet (a word doc) is generated.

I am intermittently receiving an error screen “The server can not find the requested page”

The issue occurs after having already completed a number of label sheets (so all the files required are present)

The error persists for exactly 30mins leading me to believe there is a limit on the server for:
  1. The number of files that can be generated within a time frame
  2. The number of times a script can be run within a time frame
  3. Or ???
Another thing to note, is this is error message has the Cpanel’s CSS included … Any other error that has occurred is styled by the app. Making me believe this is a higher level error.

The PHP error logs don’t advise of any issue

The environment:
cPanel Version:76.0 (build 12)
Apache Version:2.2.31
PHP Version:5.4.45
MySQL Version:5.5.61-cll
Operating System:Linux

Any direction would be appreciated! Thank You!



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Nov 14, 2017

Hello and welcome to the cPanel forums! It almost sounds like your provider may have a process limit in place keeping you from running too many processes at once/consuming too much memory/too many mysql processes etc.. They'd be able to tell you if they did, if they're running CloudLinux the likelihood is pretty high. It's difficult to do anything but speculate without seeing associated errors from the apache error log though.