The site's security certificate is not trusted


Mar 5, 2016
Lincolnshire, UK
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Apologies for bump - thought it was better to post here than create a new thread, as it is an identical issue to OP.

We originally had a self-signed certificate for server access to WHM, but we replaced this with a paid SSL which was successfully installed and activated.

The SSL functioned correctly on fresh workstations - but on the laptop I initially used self-signed SSL on, I still got the not trusted error in Chrome (and similar error in Safari etc.)

I was walked through removing old certs from the keychain in OSX by the SSL provider, and this initially worked - however my workstation seems to have reverted to now trying to load the page for a prolonged period, before giving up. Access via the insecure, http IP address works straight away. Correct behaviour is still observed on 'fresh' workstations.

Any help greatly appreciated! I've checked the keychain again for any rogue entries.


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

Is it possible this is data stored by your browser? For instance, can you reproduce the behavior across multiple browsers on the same workstation?

Thank you.