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Sep 24, 2001

We are working with an author to develop “A Guide to Web Hosting” from tech savvy author Peter Polluck. A part of the writing process for this is understanding what current trends, operations, and overall challenges Hosting Providers are facing today.

As a valued customer, we are asking for 7-10 minutes of your time to complete this. The aggregate data from your responses may be used in some form in the final version that is released to the public.

This survey also includes a possible opportunity for you to expose your company brand to 1000’s of fellow Hosting Providers and potential new customers around the world (should we decide to quote you, with your permission in advance of course) in this book!

We are providing both the ability to submit this survey anonymously or named (in which credit will be provided, if we utilize your content). In both scenarios you will be given the opportunity to win 1 of 25 T-Shirts for your participation.

Don’t worry, we're not asking for your secret sauce, rather advice, suggestions, and ideas that can help a first time Hosting Provider get started. This survey isn't about helping your current or future competitors, although you will, surely. Our goal here is to make web hosting more accessible and easy to use, to a very wide audience. This is why we exist after all.

Writing for the book will begin in the Summer of 2014 with release dates TBA later in the year.

We do appreciate your feedback, thank you! Below is a link to the online survey:

WebHosting Services Survey