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Jul 31, 2006
I am trying to put together a basic wensite for my company.

I have a web address supplied by a company. They seem to use cPanel X for updating this.

I have figured out a few basics but have got stuck with adding background colours / themes to my website.

I have been using HTML Editor on cPanel and Frontpage.

cPanel doesnt seem to have a theme option and searching suggests I need to pay. Which seems unfair.

My Frontpage themes dont upload.

Can some one help?

Also, I see a lot of reference to WHM. Do I need to concern myself with this for what I am trying to produce.

I mention a lot of info here, its basically just in case anyone is at the same stage as me and also needs help.



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Jan 2, 2006
United Kingdom
It seems more and more hosting providers are telling their customers to come here for support, its awful.

These forums are for cPanel sysadmins to discuss technical and security issues etc. It is your hosting providers resposability to provide support for you. cPanel is merley a hosting control panel to manage your hosting features, it was not designed to make your website for you.

Please ask your hosting provider for support. If they refuse, find yourself a better hosting provider who will give the real support you deserve.
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