Thinking of tossing Ensim for Cpanel/WHM


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Nov 10, 2006
Hello All,

I'm thinking of tossing Ensim X and going to Cpanel for my hosting business. I've been with Ensim since Version 2 and I'm a little hesitant of switching.

I remember back in 2002-03 Cpanel was very very buggy and had lots of problems. Is this still a issue with Cpanel/WHM.

Cpanel seems to have so many features than Ensim but I want to make sure I'm making the right choice as transferring all these sites isn't going to be a overnight thing.

Anyone suggest if I should switch? I pretty much know the benefits but I am interested in the CONS of switching. I know Ensim, for example, allows same email usernames to be created on different sites. Does Cpanel have this or do you have to setup aliases and whatnot? All suggestions are greatly appricated.

Also, are there any new developments of Cpanel that I should just wait for vs. switching now and than upgrading again within a few months. IF so I would rather wait for the new version than switch.

Thanks in advance.
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Aug 11, 2003
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I haven't used Ensim recently, so can't really give pro's/cons.

However, since you know your own requirements better than anyone else, its probably a good idea if you try out cpanel before you fully commit to it.

A cheap option may be to get a Cpanel VPS account to play around with, and then make the switch when you're happy.

In terms of waiting, I don't see any reason why you can't move across now. Upgrades to newer versions of cPanel are usually pretty straightforward, so you can probably start with the Stable release, & upgrade once you're confident enough - version 11.0 of cPanel is just around the corner.

To help with the initial configuration of your cpanel servers, you'd probably be best to take on the services of a server admin to help. do a pretty good job at a reasonable price.


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Oct 24, 2003
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Ran Ensim up until ver 4

Dummped it finally got sick of it

but is was a no brainer as was running both Ensim & Cpanel at the time

pros of Ensim

updates a nightmare
ensim support sux
ensim expects there customes to fix their bugs
then charges their customers for the fix


painless updates
support is excellent (but rarely used)

minor bugs here and there