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Apr 11, 2011
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Hello Everyone!

Thread Prefixes allow us to categorize forum threads based on the status of the reported issue. Here's the definition for each thread prefix:

New Thread
New forum threads always start with the 'New Thread' prefix. This indicates the thread has yet to receive a response by a cPanel team member. Continued discussion is encouraged.

New Thread (Partner)
This prefix is is exclusive to cPanel Partners. It indicates the thread was opened by a cPanel Partner, and has not yet received a response by a cPanel team member. Continued discussion is encouraged.

In Progress
This prefix indicates a cPanel team member is actively investigating the reported issue. Continued discussion is encouraged and you should expect team members to actively engage with you about specifics.

Pending Publication
This prefix indicates an upcoming version of cPanel & WHM will include a solution to address the reported issue. Threads with this prefix include the corresponding internal case number in the thread's subject. A cPanel team member will update the thread once the version containing the solution is published.

Threads marked 'SOLVED" indicate a cPanel team member has determined the thread is solved. While additional discussion isn't prohibited on these threads, users are encouraged to open new threads to discuss unrelated topics.

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