Thunderbird Noob problems

Craig Tully

Nov 21, 2014
Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
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Hey guys,

I have just setup my email accounts in Thunderbird, but I'm having intermittent issues with it not connecting to the server. i have spoken to the host and they say the server hasn't had any issues updates or shutdowns in a few months, nor have any of their other clients had any issues, but my issues seem to be getting moreso!

Servername - [email protected]
username - [email protected]
Port - 993
connection - SSL/TLS
Auth Method - Normal password

servername - [email protected]
Port - 465
Connection - SSL/TLS
Auth Method - Normal password.

The strange things are that when the issues are happening, Thunderbird wont even save the copy of the mail to the drafts folder!
they do clear up after awhile, but that could be in a few hours, and only clear up for a few min.
I have tried pinging from CMD [email protected] but no reply, yet i can ping with full reply!

My host said it could be an issue at my end, but i have rebooted my PC, ran speed tests, and everything else seems to run fine!

I really need this sorted out as trying to run a small business without emails is quite difficult.

I have had a look at some other similar issues on the forum, but get a little lost with what I'm doing, and i don't want to screw it up even more!

\ Thanks


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

Have you tried using an alternate email client to rule out any issues with the Thunderbird application itself?

Thank you.