Jan 19, 2003
not sure whats wrong here. I recently installed cPanel and php timezone is all wrong..

let me explain..
[email protected] [~]# date
Fri Feb 21 15:08:05 CST 2003
Ok so the server system time is correct
[email protected] [~]# hwclock
Fri 21 Feb 2003 03:09:18 PM CST 0.744761 seconds
Hardware clock is also correct.
This PHP Script
echo date("G:i:s A O" );
gives the following output:
3:10:30 AM +0600
This is very frustrating. I've set the time correct (as far as I know) in every place I can think of, and set it as GMT-6. PHP refuses to recognize that and formats EVERYTHING as GMT+6....
This has been driving me crazy, any ideas?

I recompiled apache/php and everything is wroking great. PHP must gather timezone info at compile time and keep it hard coded somewhere.
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