Anthony Parsons

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Aug 4, 2016
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My main website uses Xenforo, has over a million posts and is the primary culprit of all server resources.

So... I have php7 + opcache with mariadb10.1 running. I have http/2 running via cloudflare pro with more static caching rules.

A recent upgrade to mariadb10.1 fixed many of the load spikes I was getting with mysql 5.6. What a pig of a database that was... should never have upgraded from 5.5 (tip for those on 5.5, stick with it or upgrade to mariadb).

Is adding memcache, which Xenforo allows for within its config file to integrate directly, going to really improve page load performance with quicker db responses for what is user generated content and actions, OR, just create another load on the server?