to setup one new pair of nameservers on the second server


Sep 15, 2003
hi I just wonder if anyone could help me on this.

right now I have a server with nameservers [email protected] [email protected]

I got a second server and I would like to set up nameservers at second server like : [email protected] [email protected]

here is how I did it.

First :: I went to domain registrar and create 2 new nameservers ( and on my domain

but I leave the name servers for as [email protected] [email protected]

I didn't add the newly created and

Second :: I went to my server1 and edit the DNS zone for . I added the following 2 records A [email protected] A [email protected]

restart bind

Thrid :: I went to my server2 and added two new DNS zones there. they are and . I am sure they are pointed to the correct ip. I checked cpanel and cpanel listed them as name servers as well

Fourth :: I added a domain to server2 and modify its name servers to use and

and yes, this domain(web site) can display correctly but it takes about 3~5 minutes for its first load on IE every time. It seems it takes a while to tell where this web site is pointed ......

did I do anything wrong?