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Apr 19, 2013
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Ok I see the new release update to 11.40 is turning into some sort of real problem. Found this in the update log this morning:
[20131106.041006] E Blocker found: Upgrade to the next LTS is blocked until Monday Nov 11, 2013 in order to distribute upgrades over a four day period. If you wish to upgrade now, you can do so now with the force option.
[20131106.041006] W An attempt to up/downgrade to was blocked. Please review blockers.
What blockers is being referred to here?? Logged into the WHM and it says:
The last attempt to update cPanel & WHM was blocked

Everything else seems to be fine but unless we run the upcp with the force option it won't update. Why is this being blocked till 11/11 ??



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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

This is by design. The following snippet is from our 11.40 release notes:

To reduce support ticket influx, automatic upgrades to subsequent major versions of cPanel & WHM will not always take place immediately. In certain scenarios, cPanel & WHM will apply a zero-to-three-business-day delay before your automatic upgrade takes place.

cPanel & WHM will apply a delay if all of the following are true:

You are on the RELEASE or STABLE tier.
You do not run the upgrade interactively.
Your current version is only one major version away from the target major version.
You do not run the upgrade with the Force option.
The length of your delay is randomly selected. For example, if the new major version is detected on a Friday, the upgrade will not take place until the following Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.
cPanel & WHM 11.40 Release Notes

It's also discussed in our announcements forum:

Upgrades in cPanel & WHM Version 11.40 and Beyond

Thank you.