Feb 29, 2008

i've just installed tomcat via easyapache3.

tried to deploy war file so i've done some searching and found out that i can access tomcat web app via which require password for manager group that can be found in tomcat-user.xml file.

but the problem is that one password can access tomcat web manager for any domain that using tomcat on the server.

for example, i've assign a set user/password for a manager group in tomcat-user.xml say...myuser and mypassword
then i install tomcat for and another for
now i access using myuser and mypassword. i can see folders in domain1 account.
meanwhile access using the exact same password as above, only now i see folders in domain2 account.

so now if i assign password in manager group for one user, he'll be able to access all domains' tomcat web app using that password -*-

anyone got solution for this? please help.

thanks in advance ^^
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