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Nov 20, 2014
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Hi, I work one hotel. There is administration with cpanel, but this is not so much important. Problem is that we receive too much spam. We access e-mail with Thunderbird and IMAP with SSL. Somebody explained me, that this could from all those IMAP requests and also Thunderbird, which he said is buggy and poorly developed. I'm planning to transfer mailboxes to Outlook 2013 using POP3, but don't know will this be enough? Configuring SPAM filters by domain I think will be problematic, because we might exclude hotel guests e-mails. I plan for some kind of content filtering. E-mails from last 1-2 years are important and we want to archive them. If I use POP3, I must configure some server for backup of all those messages somewhere, because they will be stored on the local computers. Is there any solution to backup them periodically? Thank you.


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

1. SpamAssassin is really your best option if you do not have root access to the server. You can enable the "Spam Box" feature so that SPAM is delivered to a "spam" folder instead of being deleted.

2. You may find the email archiving feature helpful:

Email Archiving

Thank you.