May 4, 2004

OK here we go:

Set up: 2 PC's : 1 Linux Suse 9.0 & 1 Windows XP
DLINK Broadband Router D604
Telewest Broadband

Now I have installed CPanel and it has created mailman and cpanel logins on my Linux machine, I have tried typing in & Locahost and they both return fine producing the page not assigned, that has CPANEL's logo on.

When I type my ip address in: it does not ask to log into cpanel it just times out

I do know that I have a router that supports mac cloning which could be why, telewest broadband will only allow you to use a machine assigned on their systems (via MAC address) which is why I am using this router.

Could the router be doing this as it has a built firewall, but I have opened the ports 2080 - 2100 so that there is enough ports open to allow access to CPanel.

Can you help?




May 2, 2004
Hi gRoberts,

It's likely that neither computer has an acctual IP address on the Internet... more likely that they are configured to be running on local IP's.

Think of it like this, your router has 2 IP address's; One on the Internet, and one for your local network. Both computers connected to the router, would only need 1 IP address, and that is the IP on the local network, as the router is managing the Internet connections for both of them...

Thus, if you were to put the local IP address of your Linux box into your web-browser, you should get the correct page up... I suspect that the Internet IP address of the router is being hidden from the local network, and thus it will just timeout when you try to connect to that IP address...

If you plan to run a web-hosting service from your broadband connection, you will need to get Internet IP addresses for each box you want people to be able to access from the Internet... at the moment, if people tried to load up your IP address, they will be trying to load pages from your router... which just won't work.

Hope that helps. (and makes sense)