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Feb 25, 2002
I have checked over and over how to set up personal nameservers for resellers and assign them the separate ips. on here, and almost each message and response is different.

when I do this follow the procedures, why is when the reseller creates an account my ip is still being listed, that does not even make since, as this reseller had his own namserver and ips assigned to him.

If I "uncheck: these ips from the reserved, than the 2nd ip that I gave specifically to this one reseller is now being shown in other resellers account that they could easily select to assign that ip address.

I do not want to use "shared" thats why i offer resellers their own nameservers and 2 ips

if anyone can please help me in this matter, i would really appreciate it


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Feb 3, 2004
It really should not matter which IP that the account uses. If you want to have a spesefic account on an IP then I can help you do that. As for the IP it wont make much of a difference if they are on

The only time that will show up is in the ping. And the site that you assign will be the one to show up when you access the IP. As for me I have a blank account on the IP's that say you have reached my server under the IP bla bla bla...