SOLVED Track Delivery showing another account's logs


Nov 30, 2016
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We have 2 active accounts in our server, account1 for and account2 for I have noticed a strange behaviour, when I log onto account2, and go to Track Delivery, I see track status from account account1. These are 2 different hosts and they shouldn't be sharing anything
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Apr 11, 2011
Hello @Loneweaver,

The Track Delivery feature in cPanel will display the message delivery logs for emails with recipients that correspond to email accounts added to the cPanel account. It looks like we were able to confirm this in the support ticket that was opened. Here's the response from one of our Technical Analysts for anyone else with the same question:

Thank you for your patience. I was able to replicate what you mentioned about email from showing in the username123 account. Upon further investigation, these emails are showing in this account because the recipients are part of the domain: which belongs to this account. Although this behavior does seem strange, it looks to be intentional as I was able to replicate this behavior on my test server. This means that Track Delivery will also show reports if the recipient of the email is on the account, even if the sender of the email belongs to another account on the server.
Thank you.