transfer charging, really big problem for me...


Oct 23, 2002
I really have som bandwidth measuring issues that i need to get deeper into.

1) WHM shows only around 71.114452 gb used for Nov. month
2) bandmin shows 412.931039 gb used for Nov month
3) I also use BWbar - right now it shows me that around 30gigs/day is going through eth0. I wasnt using it in nov. though.
BWbar is normally quite accurate.

In bandmin about 200gb of the usage was accounted as &broadcast& - what is that? If its all the stuff that is not counted in WHM, then - i really must say thats quite a lot its missing.
So what is this &broadcast&, and how do i find the right numbers for the transfers of each user. Is it normal with that much broadcast transfer?

to sum up: On what base do you guys charge clients for transfer?

hmm - any help would be really nice, its quite hard for me to figure out how to handle this

thanks guys,



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Nov 24, 2002
actually ..... to be frank ..... cpanel helps to a certain extend. ... you still need many other things to calculate bandwidth. Cpanel only calculates bandwidth for ftp, http and email. If users are running applications on shell then it is not accounted for.

but of coz you cannot expect cpanel to account for EVERYTHING. Broadcast can be alot of things really.


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May 8, 2002
Replying to Ditlev

Your arguments are valid and I share your questions. More experienced guys could give us some useful advice...I'm waiting their replies on this too.

note : DON'T check (reported from many sites as the url of Bandmin's site ) for infos on bandmin and the &broadcast&'s least today it showed me a page with links to porn sites...strange!!!


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May 8, 2002
Another poor opinion is that 200GB of broadcast in bandmin is a lot. Don't want to think of bad things...but for me that isn't a really good sign. I don't have really technical arguments to support this, but from experience on some of my servers, broadcast is always low and never the 50% of the data in your case.

Some answers are here : , but I don't see a solution...except from creating every account with a different ip. For shared ip there is no solution.

Just my opinion...hope the experts come soon and show us the way.

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Mar 23, 2002
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I too, am curious about the &broadcast& listed within Bandmin. Being as there is &IN& details and &OUT& details, what could &Broadcast& be referring to? And why does it always seem to be the highest number?

An off-the-cuff guess would be for things like; flash, pdf, mp3, etc.

That bwbar script looks interesting though -- will have to check that out further.

Any other good scripts for monitoring Data Transfer?