Transfer cPanel accounts without downtime


Feb 24, 2013
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We're using cPanel DNSONLY and want to transfer cPanel accounts from 1 cPanel server to another without any downtime.

Here is an example of our setup:

cPanel server 1 - nameserver disabled
* cPanel DNSONLY server A
* cPanel DNSONLY server B

cPanel server 2 - nameserver disabled
* cPanel DNSONLY server A
* cPanel DNSONLY server B

In the cPanel servers > DNS cluster, we have the 2 cPanel DNSONLY servers setup with role "write only". On the cpanel DNSONLY servers, DNS clustering is disabled.

Now, we added another cPanel server 3 and add it in the same DNS cluster:

cPanel server 3 - nameserver disabled
* cPanel DNSONLY server A
* cPanel DNSONLY server B

If we want to move cPanel accounts from server 2 to 3, what's the best procedure?

We tried following steps:
1. Using transfer tool on server 3 to import the cPanel account from server 2
2. Terminate the account on server 2 (keep DNS zone)

However, when checking for a domain we transferred from server 2 to 3, it's reporting a mix of the old IP (server 2) and new IP (server 3). Also when visiting the domain, the error page is shown:

If you are the owner of this website, please contact your hosting provider
It is possible you have reached this page because...
I though the purpose of the DNS cluster is to seamlessly transfer accounts between cPanel servers.

I've contacted cPanel Support but they said this is the correct procedure. Although it definitely ends up in downtime which we want to avoid. We remember doing something similar in the past to get this sorted, but we didn't document the exact procedure...

Any tips?


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Jun 9, 2020
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Before the migration you should set the TTL to a low value which can be done from WHM so the DNS records will be updated in a few minutes rather than the default one hour.


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Nov 14, 2017
You can change the TTL as @andrew.n suggests but until propagation is complete I would not ever suggest removing the account 1 and 2 another thing you can do is ensure that DNS records on the old server are updated to point to the new server. I don't think I would retain the DNS record for the domain in the instance that you're recreating the account on a new server which would also create a new DNS record. My assumption would be this would for a time have two separate DNS records on the DNSOnly servers which would create a conflict where one would be pointing to the old server and one would be pointing to the new one.