Transfer data from Primary HD to Secondary HD when server OFFLINE

A Vito

Aug 2, 2010
Hello ..

As in the title , I need a help for transfering my data .
Tomorrow , I have a Kernel Problem in my server .
And I ask to the support how to fix this . And they said I must perform an OS Reload and KVMoIP , but I prefer perform OS Reload
But, I need to backup my client's data . Beside that , my server now is OFFLINE .
Now , I ask to the support to change my Primary hardisk (1TB) to secondary hardisk , and change my secondary hardisk (160GB) to primary hardisk .
So I need my server back to online with (160GB) New HD .
And , all of my client data are in my (1TB) HD .

The question is , how to move "ALL" of my data , (inc: cPanel data , MySQL data , SolusVM Data from my 1TB HD to 160TB , and after , all of my data transfered to 160GB HD , I need to change the 1TB HD to my primary , and 160GB HD to secondary as original . And after perform an OS Reload on my new 1TB HD, I need to transfer back the data from 160GB HD to my 1TB HD ..

Please someone help me.. :(